This Way To Apgujeong Rodeo

The Way To Apgujeong Rodeo, Installation, Lightboxes
Schicke Möpse and Portraits of Esmeralda Pencil Drawings

Asian Art Museum – Berlin, ©2016 as part of the exhibition, Intersections curated by Uta Rahman-Steinert.

This Way to Apgujeong Rodeo is a sculptural installation first exhibited at the Asian Art Museum in Berlin in an exhibition that juxtaposes contemporary art with work from the permanent collection. While researching in Seoul, the artist collected names of cosmetic surgery clinics and noticed a curious pattern of humorous names in Konglish – English words written out in Korean. The Korean alphabet is phonetical and like other countries influenced by globalization, foreign words are often used to convey cosmopolitan brand identity. Often the English language denotes status. Some of the names printed on these light boxes are Top Class, Double You, Wannabe, Winners Nose Shop and Good Line.