the encounter

the encounter is a single channel video from 2011 that brings together a surrealistic quest to discover and identify with the unknown (aka Orientalism), and the so called West’s notion of the spiritual and philosophical. A Caucasian man travels through the California mountain-scape in anticipation. Soon the landscape mysteriously shifts to the sublime snowy Swiss Alps and an Asian woman appears, the ostensible portrayal of the Other – however out of reach, in the land of sand and blistering sun. The man seems to be between two worlds. Is she real or just a figment of his imagination? Allegory, romanticized landscape, and kitsch are employed to dismantle notions of the “Other”, revealing Orientalism and the fascination with the “East” as humorous perversions.

Screenings/Exhibitions/Public Presentations

Asian Pacific American Film Festival, Visual Communications, Los Angeles, CA, 2013
encounters, exhibition, AsiaUnlimited, Gallery CON.form Architects, Berlin, Germany