(no) regrets


HD video, 11 min. 43 sec.,  ©2014 estherka

Reminiscent of Hollis Frampton’s film Nostalgia (1971), where photographs are burned to the sound of anecdotes, RHEE sticks Chocolate Kisses onto skewers and melts them in a kind of animist ceremony. This act is accompanied by extracts from Mark Twain’s essay The Awful German Language (1880) and his novel Huckleberry Finn (1884). The result is a complex web of references ranging from the 19th-century slave trade to the timeless intractability of the German language. Things come to a head when the slave Jim wins his freedom, visualised by smouldering Chocolate Kisses symbolising the end of racist idiom.
Text written by Anne Bitterwolf.

Voiceover: Sabrina Nelson and kate hers RHEE
Texts: The Awful German Language and excerpt from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Screenings and Exhibitions
12×12 IBB-Videolounge, single channel video screening, Berlinische Galerie: Museum für Modern Art, Photography and Architecture, Berlin, 2014, curated by Anne Bitterwolf
Stage and Café, artists short films, 48 Stunden Neuköllncentrum, Berlin, 26 – 28 June, curated by Marieke Spendel

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