Minimally Korean

Minimally Korean,
participatory food performance

Humboldt Lab Dahlem, 24 June 2015 at 9pm-10:30pm
Curator talks at 7pm


Dried Korean Seaweed as Carl Andre Sculpture
Glass Ant house filled with Kimtschi as Barnett Newman Color Field Painting
10 Cutting Boards, Acorn Jelly as Donald Judd Sculpture

Minimally Korean is a new edible performance, using RHEE food lab scientific approaches in the kitchen, to study the Minimalists and their work in an ethnographic investigation. Three related edible artworks that are inspired by cultural artifacts found in North America and ostensibly created by the people of the Minimalism era will be presented and eventually eaten by the audience during the opening of the exhibitions.

Randomly chosen, spectators were given surveys from the museum staff, which gave them the right to participate. In order to join the performance and ultimately be able to eat the art, the surprised and sometimes frustrated visitors were compelled to engage in bureaucracy and follow the rules carefully or else. They waited in long lines, were interrogated at the front desk by the artist, and upon completing the tasks were allowed inside.

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