I Love The Way I Look! Schicke Möpse T-Shirt Testimonials

I Love the Way I Look! Schicke Möpse T-Shirt Testimonials, 4 min. 51 sec., ©2016

The video, I Love the Way I Look!, is a witty imitation of abundant satisfied “true life” breast augmentation testimonials found online. The German expression “schicke Möpse” is similar to the slang nice tits, jugs or puppies. In German, Mops is the word for a Pug dog. Möpse is the plural. The schicke Möpse t-shirt is an iteration of a pencil drawing by the artist from 2015 and is actually for sale.

By juxtaposing happy interviews of satisfied customers with the housework activities undertaken by one of the reenactors, the artist uses aggressive marketing to contextualise how beauty practices are imposed on women. She frames how neoliberal feminist cosmetic surgery consumption is currently naturalized, likening it to the Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique, the 1950s idea that women were naturally fulfilled by devoting their lives to being housewives and mothers.

This work is part of the project, Modern Beauty Ideals in the Age of Digital Technology.

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