das deutschsprachliche Projekt

das deutschsprachliche Projekt

The German Speaking Projects are interactive performance art and social interventions that use language as a medium to explore transnational identity and the construction of self through language. Both are durational works which employ video, blogging, performance, and interaction to critical explore the question of German identity and integration, through language learning and cultural difference. These works seek to rethink and reshape notions of transnational and cultural identity and question the immigration/integration “problem” in Germany. The awkward translation of the title is intentional which signals the untranslatability of culture.

the Original, 2008
Part 2, 2012
Ach, Du heilige Scheiße!, 2012

Exhibitions and Screenings
12×12 Video Lounge, screening, Berlinische Galerie: Museum of Modern Art, Photography and Architecture, Berlin, 30 April – 26 May 2014, curated by Anne Bitterwolf
Transmigration in Artistic Practice, screening and presentation, Art Laboratory-Berlin, 2012
It’s Complicated: Adoption as Invisible form of Migration, screening and presentation, Korean Verband, Korean Cultural Center, Berlin, 2012
Monster Mongers and Retailers of Other Strange Satellites Part 1, LA><ART Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2009
Monster Mongers and Retailers of Other Strange Satellites Part 2, Compactspace, Los Angeles, CA, 2009
MFA Conversations Part 1, i-5 Gallery, Brewery Complex, Los Angeles, CA, 2009
86 Everybody!, MFA Thesis, University Gallery, UC-Irvine, California, USA, 2009
Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere, exhibition, Galerie Wendt + Friedmann, Berlin, curated by Marc Wellmann, 2008

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