Chicken Himmel

Chicken Himmel

Chicken Himmel is a existential experimental music Korean food cooking video which humorously investigates birth, death, and love. It is a collaborative work by the Korean Studies Department, a loose collective of artists, musicians, writers, dancers, filmmakers and theater designers: Daniel Glatzel, kate hers RHEE, Jung-sun KimOliver KölleLee Soo-eun and Hyo-Jin Shin.

The song, Bite Me (Love Song to Friedrich Nietzsche), was written and performed by Kegels for Hegel. Bite Me is a satirical love song written from the perspective of a chicken about to be eaten. Bite Me plays with themes of odaxelagnia and interspecies love in order to speak to philosophical debates about domination and the line between humans and animals.

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The Korean Studies Department presents Kegels for Hegel’s Bite me in Chicken Himmel, ©2013 estherka
single channel video, 6 min. 36 sec.

F*cking with Philosophers, Kegels for Hegel, University Art Gallery, University of California San Diego, 2013


19 April 2013: Conceptual Art Project Kegels For Hegel to Perform “F*cking with Philosophers” at UCSD’s University Art Gallery


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