Blackface Projection Grid 1,2,3

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Blackface Projection Grid #1,2,3, 2014
49 corks on wood panel, 30 x 30 cm, edition of 3 + A/P
edition 2 and 3 available for purchase.

The series, Blackface Projection Grid, uses in each work 49 corks, seven across and seven down. Seven is seen globally as a significant number (i.e. seven sins, seven wonders of the world, seven having religious connotations, etc.) and the artist also invoked the number seven in the work  7 Drawings, 28 Kisses while using the Little Gauss Arithmetic Progression Formula as a strategy of counting the Other, which objectifies and refuses to acknowledge individualized subjects. RHEE was first drawn to working with corks because they have a similar shape to the German snack, Choco Kiss. But the power of the object lies in the historical usage; Blackface performers had used burnt cork to blacken their skin.


SOMA Art Gallery, Berlin, If Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade, curated by Nabi Nara
Coohaus Gallery, NY, Virtual Reality by Real Virtuosity, curated by Kyunghee Pyun (AHL Foundation)



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