My Pillow Book List 11: 2017 Year-In-Review


Biggest milestone last year: getting my South Korean nationality restored

Greetings Earthlings!

My annual look back is always an emotional roller coaster, reflecting on missions accomplished, friendships made, mistakes committed, tears shed, and skills learned throughout 2017. Again, I cannot recommend enough such an exercise to see where one was a year ago in order to evaluate where one is today. In a world of constant comparisons to others, it’s important to remember the only person you can fairly compare yourself to, is yourself! There will always be someone out there smarter, richer and more beautiful. And as you’re comparing yourself to someone, there is someone else comparing her/himself to you. So stop the insidious cycle!

Air Travel: I’m still not completely free of my fear of flying, but I don’t agonise over it a few days before leaving like I used to. For my last trip I actually slept about 8 hours (on an 11 hour flight) and seemed to be better equipped dealing with jet lag. Last year I was in Seoul until March and didn’t really go anywhere by plane until the fall when I flew to Reno, NV visiting the Bay area in California. And in December I went for a quick little weekend trip to Geneva.

My Top 25 Milestones for 2017

  1. Exhibited my drawing work in a two person exhibition with TSAO, I-CHU at Gallery Vostok – Seoul
  2. Started speaking (broken) Korean again after over 15 years of non-usage
  3. Completed the Transkoreaning project
  4. Showed the Transkoreaning project at Art Space One – Seoul
  5. Applied for South Korean citizenship (wrote all my essays in Korean!)
  6. Participated in a March for Science rally in Berlin
  7. Started drawing/painting again regularly (I took some great classes with Franziska Goes and did en plein air during the summer months)
  8. Had a solo exhibition at SOMA Art Gallery – Berlin
  9. Visited Baden Baden and did some baden (bathing) in a Roman bath
  10. Saw Documenta and Skulptur Projekt (Münster)
  11. Interviewed by Contemporary& as the first non-African, non Black artist (correct me if I’m wrong)
  12. Started volunteering with Pass the Crayon, e.V.
  13. Saw a Philharmonie concert at Waldbühne
  14. Screened a video in goodtotalk at Berghain
  15. Recovered my South Korean nationality (이중국적자!)
  16. Gave an artist lecture at University of Nevada
  17. Gave an artist presentation at RADKADs
  18. Gave an artist lecture at SFCamerawork
  19. Gave an artist lecture at University of California – Berkeley
  20. Gave an artist presentation at Bard College – Berlin
  21. Participated in PDF Objects at Ex-girlfriend Gallery – Berlin
  22. Deactivated Facebook and Instagram, intending to take a much needed break from social media
  23. Visited Geneva for the first time and checked out CERN
  24. Won a Travel Grant for Cultural Exchange from the Berlin Senate
  25. Wrote a 5 Year Work Plan