My Pillow Book List 10: 2016 Year-In-Review

It’s already April, so Happy belated Gregorian New Year and Happy belated Lunar New Year!

Because of the Transkoreaning project, it was not possible for me to complete my year-in-review blog entry right away, so here it is now. Better late then never.

Again, travel was huge on my list of accomplishments, going to Seoul (2x), Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Barcelona, Valencia, Elx, Ann Arbor, Detroit, and New York. Am I completely over my fear of flying? Not completely but I don’t break out into a sweat anymore when I board the plane.

I also produced a lot of new work and finally found a studio rhythm. I remember a procrastinating and not leaving my house until it was quite late, trying to finish some little task at home. I think it was a fear of being in the studio alone with my thoughts. Now I really treasure this time as life gets even more busy. Above all, protect your studio time!

My Top 25 Milestones for 2016.

  1. Set up a retirement fund.
  2. Portraits of Esmeralda featured in Les Grosses Têtes, France 2 ADL TV
  3. Created the Multiverse Portraits.
  4. Made the video, I love the way I look!
  5. Participated in Where We Are Now exhibition at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein.
  6. Screened a video in the Newport Beach Film Festival, UCI Showcase: Bright Past, Brilliant Future 1988-2016.
  7. Gave an artist talk at Art Center – Pasadena.
  8. Gave an artist talk at the University of California – Riverside.
  9. Visited Sequoia National Park and hugged a sequoia!
  10. Produced the Schicke Möpse T-Shirts.
  11. Made a commissioned digital collage.
  12. Learned about how to do electrical wiring for my sculpture work.
  13. Participated in the exhibition, Schnittmengen, at the Asian Art Museum in Berlin.
  14. Won summer scholarship to study Korean language at Ewha Womans University.
  15. Climbed Mt. Halla in Jeju, South Korea.
  16. Visited Spain for the first time.
  17. Won a Travel Grant for Cultural Exchange from the Berlin Senate.
  18. Gave a workshop for Chuseok at the British Museum in London.
  19. Gave an artist talk at Stamps School of Art & Design, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.
  20. Gave an artist talk at the Nam Center for Korean Studies, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.
  21. Presented my artistic work at the Freie Universität, Institute for Korean Studies – Berlin, The Beautiful Face of Modernity – Practices of Beautification as Embodiment of Social Change in Transitional East Asia, International Conference.
  22. Screened at The Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery – NY, with Donghwa Cultural Foundation, in AK Networking with Art and Film.
  23. Gave a short tour of my work at the Dahlem Museum – Berlin,  during the 20. Markt der Kontinent.
  24. Won winter scholarship to study Korean language at Ewha Womans University.
  25. Presented my Transkoreaning office hours at Art Space One in Seoul.